Sort starting point of Brep/curve?

Is there a way to sort the starting point or a curve/brep, so when I apply a transformation, it is applied uniformly on all geometries.
When I try to evaluate an extracted curve, at the parameter(0).The start point, I am given different positions on each curve, hence when I apply a transformation, it is non-uniform.
The points are complicated mixed up.

How do I sort them ?, or what operation can I use to rebuild/orient/match the properties of one curve to all other curves.
Thank you, have a great day.

Thanks for the help, been posting a lot recently and I have been getting some really great advice.

It depends on how you create your geo. But you can use the component Flip Curve and as a guid you can choose one of the edges of your reference Brep.



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Thanks, but tried it matching the curves to a separated created one, but It didn’t work .Or in this case curves from a separate/identical Brep.


i tried some thing check it out !

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I posted this yesterday where the white group sorts curves by their start points:


@Joseph_Oster and @rajeev_pulari
I have been trying since last night to get this done.

I think you just saved my life
I’m very grateful

The last group in the corner you usually post with the scripts you upload here, what is supposed to do?

Please, I don’t get it.

No comprendo, amigo.

I mean this.

Oh, that. It’s a general purpose tool I wrote and use frequently to examine data trees of geometry.

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Interesting, so this is sort of a visual way of representing Data trees?

Unfortunately, I’m hit another snag. The transformations, I used are giving me weird results. Instead of uniquely transforming each surface, I am getting something close to that. But slightly skewed.
As each transformation is applied generally across the board, instead of panel specific.

There isn’t a component like reparametrize brep right? so then each brep would get the transformation mapped uniquely to it. (its unique length and widths).

The transformed breps should look exactly(with varied dimensions) as the last one to the right.
That is the end goal. All transformations controlled by a single set of parameters. (58.1 KB)