Sorting objects by other list' item(numbers)

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I have these two lists - one including 26 points, another one having same length with 0~6 number items, and the task is sorting points by the number value of second list and I hope to separate these points into other braches by the number value.

What function should I use?


(The wanted result finally is sorting the points and numbering this way ▼

but I don’t know the way for the later steps-making 2 dimension ID system for the given array of objects in grasshopper, If you have any idea please reply.)

31 dimension (11.9 KB)

hope it help~

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wow you’re so fast, thx !!
now I have to think about making another number system(like alphabet) by the 6 branches value, so there will be a0~3, b0~3, f0~2, g0~3. I’m going to try to, and if you have more idea please share :slight_smile:

If its just for labeling, look at Character Sequence and Concatenate.