Sorting List of Pts & Conecting with line

Hello everyone,
would like to ask some help achieving the following

I thought to use If then else statment to filter objects with same X coordinate, but this doesnt seem to work. Any ideas would be very much appreciated
thanks in advance

One of many options is to create set from flattened pool of points (x-coordinate) and then branch them per same x. Later you just need to sort them on fitted circle for example and join them via polyline.

Thanks Jakinta,
could you be a bit more specific? I am relatively new to grasshoper (not to programing though) i am not yet so familiar with its data structures. Trees and branches are kind of novelty for me.

Then you will have to upload file… here you can find detailed description how to do it… (22.0 KB) Tests - GH.3dm (356.7 KB)

i made a confusion with the old files

Sort-Join (14.7 KB)

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Thanks Jakinta.
I wouldnt imagine it would be that simple. Thanks a lot

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Even simpler…

Sort-Join (8.0 KB)