Connecting points more efficiently

Hi all, would like to ask if there is a more efficient way to sort the points such that I would get the following polyline. Currently I have grouped the points according to those that have the same X coordinates, followed by sorting it according to the Y-coordinates. Followed by reversing the odd numbered lists so that I have a sequential points that would generate the polyline.

There are many ways which may depend on the original order of points, upload a file with the points to get helped. It is also important to know if these points are variable, in which case you should include the process in the file you upload.

Attached are the files, you would need monolith plug-in to view (32.3 KB)

I don’t have Monolith.
Like this? (15.1 KB)

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What about this? (5.2 KB)


This could be another way… (34.7 KB)


Yes, this was what I was looking for!! Thank you!

Just a question, what if I want the list of numbers on the other list to match or be sorted in the same way? How do I go about doing it?