Sort Layers by Name

Hi all,

I am thinking if it is possible to sort layers’ sequence by layers’ name?
I mean, to actually moving layers up or down base on their names, not simply print out the sorted layer names.
I have a look at the ‘Layer Module’ but having found anything similar…

Appreciate for any suggestions,


I would also like to have the ability to sort the layer dialog through scripting (Rhinoscript). At present, after running a script which adds layers, the layer dialog header needs to be clicked twice to sort the layers alphabetically. An old request but worth a try… it used to work in V4.

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I don’t see a clean way to do this but I suppose you could add the layers to a temporary layer in the right order and add then them back:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
from scriptcontext import doc
from System import Guid

sorted_layer_names = sorted([layer.FullPath for layer in doc.Layers 
  if layer.ParentLayerId == Guid.Empty], 
  key=lambda s: s.lower(), reverse=True)

tmp_layer_name = rs.AddLayer(Guid.NewGuid().ToString())
tmp = doc.Layers[doc.Layers.FindByFullPath(tmp_layer_name, False)]

for fp in sorted_layer_names:
    l = doc.Layers[doc.Layers.FindByFullPath(fp, False)]
    l.ParentLayerId = tmp.Id
    l.ParentLayerId = Guid.Empty

doc.Layers.Delete(tmp.LayerIndex, True)

This sample only considers the root layers so you’d have to walk the tree if you want to sort sub layers as well.


Hi Alain,

That is awesome!!
Thanks a lot~~ :smile: