Layer sort by alphabet should not remember last sorting order

Hi guys,
We have started using alphabet sorting on layers and see that if we sort by alphabet and then add a layer and then sort again to get it updated, then it swaps from A-Z to Z-A. This should only happen IF sort by layer was the last ran command IMO.

Hope that makes sense.

I think I see what you’re describing.
Are you expecting that a new layer would be tucked into the list in it’s appropriate alphabetical location?
The tool isn’t smart enough to do that.
As you can see, when you click the New button in the Layer panel, it makes the next layer in the “Layer nn” pattern, and select it so you can type the name you want.
That is completely independent from clicking the column label to sort it.
It’s just a very simple tool.

No, this is not about new layers.

It’s about SORTING, when we click “Name” at the top. If I click Name I want it to sort from A-Z. and then if I add a layer or move a layer and click “Name” again I still want an A-Z sort, not a Z-A :slight_smile:
Rhino seems to remember that it has been click before, even if changes has been done.
I only want it to change from A-Z to Z-A IF it is A-Z else just resort. (And then I want it to remember that it is now Z-A)

So a simple “IF layers are sorted change direction ELSE sort by last sort style”

Not a big deal, but one of those things I have been silently wishing for for a decade :slight_smile:

Nothing is being saved as far as a sort order.
Clicking the Name just sorts A-Z or Z-A.
There is no tricky smart stuff in the old Layers panel design that I’m aware of.

What I am asking for, for the sorter to be more intelligent.
Now it alternates between A-Z and Z-A for every click (so someting is being stored for it to remember that) and what I wish for is that it remembers a bit more.

If it still doesn’t make sense then forget about it. No need spending more time trying to explain than to click twice for the rest of my life :smiley:

I suppose that depends on how long you play to be alive…

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I play to be alive ALL the time! Hope you do the same John!

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