Extract polyline from dynamic list?

I have a dynamic list of mixed closed planar curves witch contains also a Polyline curve and I want to eliminate from the list the Polyline curve. How to remove the Polyline if the index number can change over time?

you can use python

right click on the “x” input and make it a list access

Check “Match Text” as well.

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I made exactly like you said but now I have an empty list. Please take into account that the list have Grassshopper curves and not curves imported from Rhino.

This way it is working, I only don’t want to eliminate the Polyline curve but just to separate into another list.

Use “Dispatch”.

I need to convert data somehow back to curves, because I need to apply a fillet on curves excepting the polyline.

“Data conversion failed from Boolean to Curve.”

What did you do?

And regarding python, As Will said, See attached

I did exactly like that. I just don’t have the Curves in the top list. They are missing from there, so I can’t use the output to apply the fillet only to the curves.


Nothing. Dispath it is only returning boolean values.

Hey dude, See my screengrab posted above carefully.

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I seen that but now it is missing the polyline (the green one from the first picture of this thread). How to bring the polyline back into the display?

Ok, I found a possible solution, maybe there is a better one?

Just applied a 0 Fillet to the other output.

You don’t know much the basic usage of GH’s diaplay?.
Why 0 radius fillet?? Just connect Curve Parameter.
Rather than talking a little bit annoyingly with your screen grab only, post your data directly.next time.

Yes, I forgot about that. I need to learn too many things in one shot.

I already posted my definition. You made some modifications to that. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any data you posted except your bunch of screen grabs in this post, did I see it wrong?

Just search for the thread: “2D Curve Booleans?”

Do you mean to reproduce the curve data of yours in this posting with your old definition?
Don’t expect such an effort to anyone.