Sorry for question

you confirm that you can use the line/params component only by connecting it to the line/curve component.

ps in no way is it possible to give it the colon directly, like from the menu “Set one Line”?

Yes, it can only be used by setting a line, not a curve.

Hi @diff-arch,

line/curve: sorry I meant, the line component of the primitive section curve menu
was to separate between line/params and line/primitive

I meant as an example in the red circle of the photo
I can’t give it the colon directly without going through the “line primitive” component?


The Line Component is a container, not a constructor. Giving it two points will not work. You will need to create it per your correct example above.

Hi @Japhy,

I had thought about this, so when I click on “Set one Line”, it goes to call the line/primitive. . . .

Yup. Perhaps a description of the entire workflow you are trying to accomplish would help here.

one of the cases in which I happened to think of using line/params directly
to avoid using explore-tree and then line/primitve

A dispatch could be used on an even list. Alternatively lists of two could be made straight into a line-like curve with the polyline component

I mean, mine was not a question to find an alternative solution

if I use brep/params or srf/params by right clicking on “set brep/srf” it is not possible to create brep or srf

while in line/params by clicking on “Set one line” a line is created and obviously contains both the starting and ending point. at this point I was wondering why not implement this option too?

ps line/params does not behave like a simple container as it is also possible to create a line

The component you are describing would always require a list of two points in the correct order. Does the polyline component suffice?

right @Japhy, excellent observation I had not thought about it. polyline works well :+1: