Some Rhino Geometry 'edge-less' when imported in Revit

Hi All,

I am using Revit to create architectural drawings for my masters project. However, I have modelled some more complex geometry in Rhino / grasshopper to import into the Revit project (piped 3D space frame on curved surfaces). When importing in both ACIS (.sat) and Rhino (.3dm) files, some pieces of curved (pipe) geometry do not show their edges in Revit and some do. These pipes / cylinders show just the edges of their ends, but not along the curved edge. I generated the cylinder attached by lofting two circles in grasshopper as one component in a larger frame. It is an example of one of these broken pieces of geometry.

I have tried capping the objects, checking if they are bad, untrimming, rebuilding, checking the direction of faces. I have tried different versions of Revit, I have run through all the multitude of ways that Revit might be hiding the shapes. Nothing seems to work and arbitrarily while baking from the same grasshopper script, it seems to change which surfaces show up and which don’t if I adjust the input brep that I use to generate the pipes. Picture showing just one set of pipes visible, where the other grids are not, the geometry still exists and is highlighted when selected.

I have attached a rhino file with just one of the broken surfaces here as full grid is quite large. 200418_Piece of broken geometry.3dm (335.9 KB)

I get that this is a rhino forum, but I feel like I have exhausted options Revit side and it must be something to do with how I’m generating or exporting the surfaces in Rhino. Anybody with knowledge of both would be so appreciated. I would appreciate if anybody has come across this problem before or whether they have some kind of work around for it.

Thanks so much



EDIT: When viewed from very specific certain angles, the lines appear… Huh. Doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the pipe’s ‘seam’.

OKAY! After two days of fiddling, I have finally solved my problem! What a pain.

Pipes generated from curves rather than lines will not show in Revit EVEN if the curve is a straight line!!! This means any pipes made using curves from interpolate curves will be glitched like this in Revit. In order to fix I used an end points component and then remade the curves using the line component. What a pain, I guess Revit won’t read double curves, even when they are rebuilt to be straight. They have to be built using straight lines ONLY.

Hope this helps anybody that comes across this thread with the same problem!