Some problems of using curves to interfere the distribution of a set of points


(Kumar_Larka) #1

Hey guys,

here is my original points and the curves i used to interfere

this is my grasshopper compoents

at the end i will got this

but i don’t want the line crossing the curves i used to interfere.

what should i suppose to do?

here is my grasshopper documents

curve (22.0 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

You can use fields

There are plenty of examples

curve (30.2 KB)

There is also this solution but a bit complex and not beautiful. You need to put closed obstacles.

curve points (41.5 KB)

(Kumar_Larka) #3

extremely sorry for the late reply, got occupied by bunch of assignments recently, thanks a lot! this really works!

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

No problem for the delay. Happy it is useful