Some PanelingTools methods crash when called from Rhino.Inside

Hi there,

I’m using PanelingTools in my own Rhino plugin. I use it by adding the PanelingToolsDotNet.dll as a dependency (and making sure its C++ counterpart, PT_SDK.dll, gets copied to the same output folder).

I’d like to have unit tests (using Rhino.Inside to allow Rhino to run headless), however I’ve noticed there are 2 key PanelingTools methods that throw an exception invariably when called from within the context provided by Rhino.Inside:

1. PanelingTools.Utility.TrimGrid
2. PanelingTools.Utility.DivideSurfaceByChordLength

Here is a XUnit test run result that shows this:

Here is the source code for the test project: (3.4 KB)

Make sure the configuration is on x64. I didn’t include the two PanelingTools DLL’s. But in order to run and build the test project, put both PanelingToolsDotNet.dll and PT_SDK.dll in the src folder, and the project should copy them to the output folder when built.

Any help would be much appreciated!

@rajaa - is this something you can help with?

I’m not sure since I haven’t used Rhino.Inside and not quite sure how dlls are called in that context. I can try to investigate next week.

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