Some Extrusions are not able to export in DWG format

Please check this attached file.
Export problem.3dm (491.1 KB)

Here is one problem -


That’s too small, I would not set it less than 0.001 in your case.

If you then look at the curves you used to extrude, if you explode them, you will see that one of the curves contains a micro-segment of length .000015 - probably caused by the too-small tolerance settings. When extruded, that probably causes a bad surface definition, so Rhino does not want to export it…

Delete that segment and join the curve back together, with the lower tolerance of 0.001 it should end up as closed. Then re-extrude your curves, the resulting solid should then export correctly.

(@pascal, if it won’t export, Rhino should flag the object as bad, which it doesn’t )

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Thank you so much @Helvetosaur.
How can we locate the exact position of these micro curves after exploding.
Is there any other troubleshooting method for this kind of issues without exploding the whole curve, I mean any analyze tool for finding these tiny duplicate curves.

This is because i cant able to perform boolean split operation for some profile extrusions used in this file


_SelShortCrv and put in a value of around the file tolerance.

Native to Rhino, no. It’s possible to make a detection or removal tool with a script, I might have one lying around somewhere, I’ll look.

Edit: below is a short segment removal tool from my library. It removes segments shorter than the absolute file tolerance that are found in selected curves. Warning - if the curves are composed of a lot of contiguous segments that are smaller than file tolerance, it may significantly alter the curve. (1.0 KB)

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Thank you @Helvetosaur

In Autocad there is an option called OVERKILL ,Which delete all the duplicate curves along the closed curve.
Is SimplifyCrv option doing the same thing in Rhino.

Thank you so much @Helvetosaur.
Let me try this script and will inform you the result.


No, it does not. There is no equivalent of Overkill in Rhino. Check the Help for SimplifyCrv to see what it actually does.

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Thanks Mitch, It’s the same case as in this thread:

I’ve got it on my list…


Its working fine, without exploding the whole curve.:+1: