Some commands not working

Just noticed that MoveEdge and MoveFace are not working (so far found these two). V7 working fine.

I tried those two commands in:
(8.0.21089.12305, 2021-03-30)
(8.0.21096.12305, 2021-04-06)

I drew a box and used MoveEdge and MoveFace.
Both worked fine.

Do you have a small example you can post that does not?

Hi John
I don’t think it is about the sample. See command screenshot

Unknown commands?


Is the SolidTools plug-in enabled and Loaded?

It wasn’t, and I activated it, and solid operations are working now.
Strange, because I wasn’t anywhere near the plugins in WiP.
Anyway, big thanks for quick help.

We’ve seen this on rare occasions; plug-ins being disabled for no apparent reason. When it’s the RDK or RDK U/I tools, it’s pretty easy to spot.


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