Solving discontinuity in contours


I created contours from a surface. Unfortunately the resulting curves are separated in segments. Do you know how to solve this issue?

Contour produces one branch for each plane because it’s possible to have more than one contour line at each level. What’s the problem?

I know, but there a lines which should be connected I side the branches, but that’s not the case.

Is it somehow possible to join the curves in each branch to one continuous curve?

Do you mean join adjacent curves or connect separated curves? Posting your model would help.

I guess it mostly depends on the cleanness of the surface.

One way to clean these curves would be to flatten everything, join the curves, and then use their position in Z to put them back in branches if that’s what you need.

Thank you! I moved everything in Rhino to the origin and now it works finde. I used the original location data at first :slight_smile:

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