Intersection between multiple surfaces

Hi. I need to individuate the intersections between multiple elements (in this case i have some surfaces) regardless of the number of these.

This is my situation. There are some surfaces iteresected between them.

Thank you!

BTW: These are not Surfaces. They are BrepFaces (i.e. a Surface + trim(s)).

Anyway … you want to find the Curves due to Ccx events OR you want to trim (“cut”) any with all the rest?

i want only find the intersection lines and visualize them.


See attached (doable with components … but these are not my game). (120.1 KB)

Hi Peter!

I had the same issue as Tommaso, used your script which works wonder. However, the “ccxCurvesTree” output rearranges the paths in some way, do you know what the issue might be?


Thank you!

I’m not in the practice right now … but in general a multi dim (dim for dimensions) path output is used in order to provide explicit info about what’s going on (for instance: 1st dim means an idx of an item in some List, 2nd some other idx etc etc).

imagine that you do some Clustering (or some Connectivity thing) and then you want to output results “as multi dim paths” (LOL) … etc etc.

Anyway I’ll examine that C# soon (in any case it’s highly unlikely a bananas output).

Update: I have a stupid laptop (I hate laptops, mind) with me … where I found these captured images that fully explain the path approach.

A void path means that the 2 Breps involved yield no Ccx events.