[Solved] What is GH alternative of the 'crvdeviation' Rhino command?

Please no plugins.

I’m gonna paraphrase:
Is there an alternative to crvdeviation inside GH, or I need to use a script?

Not as a standard component.
C# example would be here:
Surely can be translated to phyton.

Thanks Tim.

@tim.stark, any way to get the thread not in mobile version of the site :smiley:

I believe that might be using Curve.GetDistancesBetweenCurves under the hood.

Thanks @AndersDeleuran,

I think it worked.
Any idea how to visualize the result in Rhino viewport?

unnamed.gh (7.9 KB)
Untitled.3dm (25.2 KB)

Use Curve.PointAt(t) with these output min/max curve parameters (and make lines through the pairs):

Sorry was on the phone.

This should work:

But I think @AndersDeleuran already solved the problem.

Yes, thanks to both of you, I’ll dig in deeper when I get back home.

For the sake of completeness I created a Python component based on the C# from the thread @tim.stark posted.

curve_deviation.gh (11.3 KB)

EDIT: fixed small typo in the component

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and for completeness click on right upper and select desktop view