[Solved] What is GH alternative of the 'crvdeviation' Rhino command?

Please no plugins.

I’m gonna paraphrase:
Is there an alternative to crvdeviation inside GH, or I need to use a script?

Not as a standard component.
C# example would be here:
Surely can be translated to phyton.

Thanks Tim.

@tim.stark, any way to get the thread not in mobile version of the site :smiley:

I believe that might be using Curve.GetDistancesBetweenCurves under the hood.

Thanks @AndersDeleuran,

I think it worked.
Any idea how to visualize the result in Rhino viewport?

unnamed.gh (7.9 KB)
Untitled.3dm (25.2 KB)

Use Curve.PointAt(t) with these output min/max curve parameters (and make lines through the pairs):

Sorry was on the phone.

This should work:

But I think @AndersDeleuran already solved the problem.

Yes, thanks to both of you, I’ll dig in deeper when I get back home.

For the sake of completeness I created a Python component based on the C# from the thread @tim.stark posted.

curve_deviation.gh (11.3 KB)

EDIT: fixed small typo in the component

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and for completeness click on right upper and select desktop view

Hi there,
thanks for this great script. I tried it and it works fine measurung the devitation compared with Rhino. But somehow the min and max distance lines were hard to identify and strange. Therefore I moved the curves away from the model. Then I noticed that the min deviation line (made it green) is longer than the max in red and the lines are not shown at the position they should be. I also tried to turn one curve around as I assumed the curve start point might be different for my curves. But that didn’t change much at all.
Also it would be great for visibility to show the min and max distance in an thicker line style.

I don’t have much experience with GH though.

Can someone help please?
curve_deviation_Andre.gh (20.5 KB)