[SOLVED] Problems with Kangaroo goals and solver in GH Python

Hello everyone,

I am trying to integrate a 2d collision with Kangaroo in GHPython. in the example of the attached file, I have 5 polygons, four of which are attached by their coincident vertices. The attached polygons should move as single body and should repel the isolated polygon, which is not connected to anything. I am able to implement it in GH. I am able to implement the forces in GH and the solver in Python. However, when I try to implement the forces in GH Python, the results are buggy. Nothing happens and when I move a slider that constraint the max number of iterations, the shapes start to rotate.

Pedrophysics_in_python.gh (30.3 KB)

The problem was in the input of the plane for the rigidPointSet function in Python. I was passing the same xy plane in the origin for all the sets of points. Now I am passing a xy plane located in the average point of each set of points.