Tree To List Confusion

Hello Everyone.
I Have A Problem With Converting Data In ghpythonlib.TreeHelpers as you see bellow: (8.5 KB)

I have a Data Tree of Curves in Grasshopper and I Want To Convert it to a Nested List that in the Inner List Contains a List of 2 Curves. But It Seems that treehelpers only give One TreeBranch of my Data.
I Don’t Want to Export the Nested List to the Grasshopper Canvas again, I Export the Data to show my problem, If the Nested List Remains in the ghpython component, it’s Ok. it’s just a simple part of my code.

Hi, that is a simplified tree that represents a forest; see here:

(The comment shows when you click here, discourse shows a useless preview, though)

You can also fix this by selecting items normally and using “graft” or directly writing paths are {0;0}, {0;1}, {0;2}…

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