Solid difference problem

Solid diffrence does not work for this geometry. It is strange becuse similar geometries are generated hundred times any my applictaion and there is no problem with them. What is so special so that is does not work? solid diff problem1.3dm (179.5 KB) (4.8 KB)

that’s weird ; even in rhino the boolean don’t work properly

The surfaces of your A-shape are 0.00067 millimeters from being planar. If you remodel those to be planar, the Boolean operation will work.

I dont really understand . Can you please make a little skecth witch part is not planar?
In fact, in theory, the brep does not have to be planar so that the boolean difference work, isn’t it?

The red, blue, and green surfaces are not at the same Z-elevation.

That’s correct. But “features” on your model shouldn’t be smaller than the document tolerance. They should be at least 1 order of magnitude bigger than the tolerance.

The purpose of that they are not in level because if they are in the same level the boolean union does not work. Which is the prevoius step in my definition. So what is the solution then?

Perhaps you could post the previous step so that we can check where that goes wrong?