Solid difference not working


I’m trying to build a grasshopper file that will help me to process models for CNC cutting. I just need to add dogbone corners to the mortices and pilot holes. It seems like it should be pretty simple but I cant seem to get it to work properly. oddly the first part works fine but the second set labeled “pilot holes in mortises” does not. It makes some of the holes but not all. thanks in advance for any insights.

bracket.3dm (571.3 KB) (25.1 KB)

Your Grasshopper file is missing some input geometry but I was able to set the right curves I think.

So the first part of the definition seems to work. I internalized the three inputs.

Not sure which curve is required for the flanges? (116.3 KB)


Here’s a problem

Reduce the inward offset to 0.74, or increase it to 0.76, as long as the holes overlap it’s fine

Just not 0.75 cause that creates two holes side by side. (115.6 KB) (119.8 KB)

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oh wow that works. . i cant thank you enough. i was tearing my hair out.

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Thanks, glad I was able to help you. Please hit the Solution button … so the topic is solved

ok got it. thanks again!

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Also, there are some plugins for creating dogbones so you can do this on your 2D curves…

Dog Bone Generator

awesome thanks! I’ll definitely look into that.