Soft Electronics - Household Appliances from 60's, 70's and 80's

Early in my guitarmaking career I worked for 9 years as a modelmaker for Gibson guitars. At the time all the shell inlay for fingerboards and pegheads was cut with a Kuhlmann pantograph. Patterns were scaled up as a lot of the detail is quite small. There was one worker operating this machine and she was able to keep up with the production of the entire factory which was hundreds of instruments per day.


@Gijs, great series of models/images!

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Amazing! Absolutely loving it! What did you use for a render? The images look so sick!

thanks @Lewis1 , I used V-Ray for Rhino

Great modeling and rendering skills! Congratulations! :slight_smile:
Those old electronics were functional yet featuring pure, minimalistic design language. The majority of modern electronics (and cars), however, are designed to look overly-complex for the sake of complexity. :space_invader: Those non-sense details also make the item in question more expensive to the end user, and quite difficult to clean.


Indeed, especially cars nowadays I have a hard time reading the design, at least the majority of them and in particular all those ‘futuristic’ electrical cars.
IMHO good design is good design when it survives the test of time.

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