Soft edit surface but can I lock the Edge of the Surface? Help

Hello! I want to create a parametric wave ceiling in my project. like this:

I’m keeping it simple with soft edit surface, that’s not a problem but it’s important for the edges of the surface to remain in the right position and don’t move with the rest of the surface. (Like the picture)

The red line is the original line which should stay in place.

Is there any way to lock the edges but still work on the surface?
Working in Rhino 7 on Mac

Hello - the short answer is no, not using a simple surface like this - you might be able to trick Rhino when the surface looks right by creating a patch surface (Patch command) on the edge curves and some extracted isocurves from the adjusted surface that do not conflict with the desired edge locations. Use the current surface as a Starting surface in Patch.
Or, look at using SubD for this.


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Sadly. But a great Idea, will try with patch! Thank you!