Snippetmanager - Shortcut conflict

The snippetmanager export selected as snippet shortcut conflicts with the GH enable/disable (ctrl+E). Though it is possible to change it it will be better if the snippetmanager changes to something not affecting the defaults.

Hi A!
Thanks for the heads up!
I have been on holidays the past weeks so I have been unable to respond.
I was unaware of the CTRL+E being used for the GH disable/enable, I will adjust.

How would CTRL+SHIFT+E sound?

Hi @bthomas,
Sounds good … this is the one i’m using now for the enable/disable … :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas,
I would like to thank you for this SnippetManager, i use it every day.
Could you please tell us where users can change the group color when importing?

Thank’s in advance for your answer.
Best regards an thank you again.


Hi @bthomas,

Thanks for the snipppetmanager!

Can I help solving this shortcut conflict maybe?
I would like to fix it, but I don’t think you have the source code publicly available currently.

Let me know!