Snap to features in photo in picture frame

HI have some photos of a mchine I am making and I want to bring the photos into picture frames in rhino 5 and then , using over layed lines and the angle dimension tool , determine the angles of various struts in the photos of the machine. So far just starting and ending lines with the mouse on the photo is prety good but is there a snap tool that can look at the trasitions of the edges of the struts and say snap to particular pixel values? All in order for taking the guess work out of where to put the start and ending points and making the prosess consistant…

Hi crouchorama… No. Eyeballing is what you get -there may be tools on Food4Rhino that autotrace, I think maybe @Holo made something like that - it might be worth a look but in plain Rhino, no.


There’s “Vectorize” by Dale. It can be installed through the PackageManager but it’s for Rhino 6 and up.