Smooth Grid Pinching

Hello people,

I’m trying to get a smooth grid pinching. In my script the pull starts from one line to another. I want a slow and smooth start of the pinching.!
I’ve downloaded the script on Formular and want to change it now that I can transform the grid in polylines and divide them in segments before the pinching starts.

I tried to change a Grid spreading script but failed. Can somebody help me?

Check out the file to get a image.

Thank you!

How it is|690x432 (19.1 KB)

The grid pinch from formularch is now in my plug-in Pufferfish as “Pinch ‘n’ Spread” and has a strength factor. You can download it here:

made one with a graph mapper to controll the pinching. (26.4 KB)

Thank you for the responce! Looks really interesting. But I don’t really know how to use the “Pinch ‘n’ Spread” command to get lines out of it.

Thank you Tim! I think this is what I’m searching for. Do you think it is possible to make the same but instead of using an attractor point using an attractor line?

This is how you can use the pinch n’ spread component. But im sure, Michael can give you much more impressive examples.

Don’t know if you like it how it looks.

Just duplicate “Dispatch”. Use curve for “Pull Point” and don’t forget to flatten C in “Closes Point”.

Added a strength factor. -1 for spread to 1 for pinch. (29.5 KB)

Thank you for the multiple solutions! It’s nearly that what I’m trying to achieve. Similar to Michaels Pull and Pinch.
My aim is to create a smaller Grid in a bigger one without those gaps one the sides.
Your curve Grid Pinch ist nearly doing this, but only in one direction.

Grid Pulled by line

what you mean with only one direction? Points get pulled from every direction.

Examples are also available for all Pufferfish’s components.

Use the Pinch ‘n’ Spread and for the L input use the division points of a curve. The nice thing with Pinch ‘n’ Spread is that you can have a different radius and strength for each attractor and also - strength to spread, + to pinch. If you have multiple attractors you can do a mix of both. Lastly, you can have anchor points which will remain unaffected by the Pinch / Spread. Just look at the example files.

I finally got around to adding falloff options to Pinch’n’Spread, it was long over due, can be found in newest V2.9 update. (18.0 KB)