How do i connect the grid spreading to the maze that i have created

I am Tarkin a beginner started learning grasshopper. I had a query please could some 1 help me out with this. So in the below script I have created a grid of size 2150x2150.And I have created a maze connecting the centroids of the grid. Through grid spreading I have distorted the grid using pinch n spread points component in pufferfish plugin. so my output that i wish to make is as follows.
1)How do I distort the spiral (maze) in such a way that the spiral gets distorted when the grid is distorted.
2)Create multiple distortion points in the grid.
3)Changing the angle of the maze when angle of the grid is changed.
4)Creating breaks in between the maze.(as marked in the image in red)

5)How to make the whole process iterative?
I would be very grateful if some 1 could help me out in this.
Thanks !!grid|attachment (25.0 KB) grid|attachment (25.0 KB)

I think you need fix your attachment

grid (25.0 KB)

I lost in your definition , you need to improve it
Try with Split tree and you must know the indexes of rows and columns where your points located.
for example:
{*;0 to 8}[10] mean from column 0 to column 8 select points in row 10
{*;8}[2 to 10] mean select points in column 8 from row 2 to row 10

grid (16.9 KB)

but the process is not being when i change the attractor points i want the grid distortion and the maze to distort to happen simultaneously.

Did you even check the definition?

Yes Khaled. i think you haven’t got my question.
I want to even rotate the grid and also change the start point of the maze.

With your method to create curve you can use the result to find the closest center points than create the polyline again