Smooth edges mesh

I am trying to smooth the edges of this mesh. But, I cannot find a good way to do that. Does there exists a ‘mesh edge smoothner component?’

20181024 problem smooth edges (23.3 KB)

Weaverbird Catmull Clark.

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Oeh! I am not able to let it work correctly I think.
I am trying to create something similar like this in the picture at the bottom of this page (that kind of smoothness).

20181024 problem smooth edges (25.3 KB)

That’s my image. Your mesh is not set up properly to smooth like that. You need the correct edge looping etc. Edge loop topology should look like this where you are trying to smooth (quads are best).

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Nice to see how many people try to recreate this image. You did a very nice job :slight_smile:

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