Smooth curve help

Hi, I am completely new to Rhino after deciding i needed something a bit more detailed then sketch up.

I have managed to draw my desired curve and the first section of what i am drawing but want to draw in the rest of my dimensions so the curve runs smoothly from the centre line. (the line that has been divided into 50mm segments).

Can anybody help?

This drawing from sketch up might show better what i am trying to achieve.

You could try offsetting your outside curve. I would make a line from an inner point to one on the outside curve then offset curve “Through Point” and pick center.

Then curve tangent to 2 curves between your existing inner curve and your new offset curve.

It also helps if you post your model.

I don’t know what you mean by post your model.

I have to use the lines coming from the centre to measure precise dims along in order to draw the outside curve, so just need a method of getting the angles produced to draw these dims along.

I did this by drawing from the centres of the 4 or 5 circles that composed the central curve.

“Post your model” means upload the .3dm file so that anyone trying to help you can open your model and look at it directly.

We-JMLC 12a…3dm (63.1 KB)

Does that work?

This video tutorial from Brian James should be useful: