Blending a change in radius help!

Could someone suggest any options I can try to blend a smoother finish between two sets of radius.
I have uploaded images, and my radius changes from the white line …

I have attached a Rhino file with curves for help
If any one has any suggestions that would be great!

Test.3dm (2.7 MB)

What are you trying to “blend”? Two surfaces? If so how did you create the surfaces? Include the surfaces in an uploaded file.

Hi there where the red curve is, is a change in radius. So between all those curves, I want to loft through, which works lovely but a slight dip when it hits the change in radius. (red curve) I was hoping of a way to maybe smooth this out. Will attach a file a bit more explanatory :slight_smile:

example.3dm (2.7 MB)

The dip in the surfaces is due to the shape of the curves. Look along the top of the curves and you will see that the curves dip in. For a smoother surface with a dip you either need to modify the input curves, or smooth the surface which will move the surface away from some of the curves.

Hi David thanks for the reply. I did the curves in Auto Cad first in front view. as I need all the curves on a true radius. At the red curve this radius needed to change in order for the shape to start coming forward and lower and can’t work out for the life of me how to get the geometry right. Thanks so much for your help though, I will have a look into smooth…