Skatter for Rhino

Hi guys,

There is a plugin named Skatter to create vegetation. Now it’s adapted to sketchup. I would really like to use it in Rhinoceros. It’s all about ArchVIZ. I wrote Ronen Bekerman (CG Specialist) on his facebook wall to startup Skatter for Rhino and told flyingarchitecture guys also. Thanks for flyingarchitecture guys for them supportive messages. They said that they have 57.200 registered members. If you guys support them and send message about this they can adapt this plugin to Rhinoceros. Buy the way there will be a huge update about VfR (Vray for Rhino). There will be a fur tool also. Rhino is improving itself and l believe in that it will be more preferred software for ArchVIZ also. But l need your support. l wrote Mr. McNeel also but l am not sure if he has a time to support this plugin (i wish he support!).

If you want a skatter plugin please visit Ronen Bekerman’s facebook page and send him message or you could also create a facebook group and add people about this or you can send mail to skatter team on their page.

Anyway, I’m open about new ideas about this. I hope this topic works and we gain this cool plugin. Comments are welcome. Thanks for reading it.


Rhino totally could use a tool like Skatter! I will definitely let them know how we could use it with Rhino.

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Guys, i created a facebook group. Please support it. Maybe it works. Thanks in advance.

Hi @kmlkarablt
Have you tried Lands Design? It has some tools to insert vegetation species individually or arranged in rows, forests, parterres. With the forest tool for example you can distribute a certain number of plants in a random way on a surface or a boundary curve. Take a look at this video:


Wow! I am enlightened mate. Thank you 1000 times :heart_eyes: i’ll check now.