Simulating a hanging rope

Hello everyone,

I would like to ask if there is a way to simulate a single hanging rope within the kangaroo instead of form finding of a chain of networks under Unary and Spring forces?

Is this what you mean?

There’s also the Catenary component which does this out of the box. But it doesn’t allow you to add any additional forces/constraints.

it’s quite handy and simple tool. Thanks.

Thank you very much. yes this is what I’m looking for.

Is there any way to implement this tool within the C# ?

Assuming you’re talking about the Kangaroo example, you can implement the KangarooSolver.dll in e.g. a C#, VB or GHPython script. See these examples:

Thanks. But I was asking about Catenary component because it does not exist in grasshopper library in c#.