Simulate Render Materials in non raytraced display mode


I would like to override the material for Rendered display mode (no cycles raytraced) so as you can see in the picture crystal looks almost invisible in Rendered mode

Is there any way to use a different material that will look different in Rendered Mode?

Thanks and Best Regards.

@henrydm is this an override you’d want per object and material, I don’t think we have anything like that available. @andy, am I correct that we don’t have a way of overriding an object-specific material based on display mode?

Regarding the material invisible in Rendered mode, as far as I know @jeff has been working on getting crystal/glass like materials render way better in Rendered mode, but he’ll be the one who can tell you what and when regarding that.

There is no way to override the material in the display…what would you override it with? If transparency isn’t working the way you want it to, then chances are anything you plan on using to override with isn’t going to work the way you want it to either.

I suppose you could use SetObjectDisplayMode and use some shaded mode where transparency is turned off completely…but IMO, that would look worse than what is there now.


Okay, Thanks for letting me know it.

I would like to use another material in some objects only in rendered display mode viewports.

Best Regards.