SimplifyCrv does not simplify the curve entirely

It is a starting point. Is that treated exceptionally? I would expect every straight line to be simplified.


simplifycrv.3dm (148.7 KB)

Hi Ivan,
the seam point is maintained during simplify.
In this case the seam is in the middle of a straight line.
To solve quickly, you can make a macro that explode, join and simplifyCrv so Rhino place the seam in a way that all the lines are simplified.
Could be a good idea to ask to put an option into simplifycrv that allow to maintain yes/no the seam point.

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Hi -
I’ve added some comments to the 2008 feature request RH-4029.


thank you for clarification

definitely such suboption would be very welcome. i always thought my line is somehow not colinear but now i know it had not been my fault previously :smiley:

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I had a really good laugh reading your post. :grinning:

Here in 2021 you “added some comments” to a 2008 feature request. Brought to mind the closing scene of “Raiders of the Lost Arc”.

Seriously, I’m curious what your feature request review process is. You must have hundreds of them, if not thousands. Are they all periodically and systematically reviewed for possible implementation or, as I (and probably a lot of other users) suspect, do they just go into some infrequently referenced database in a server farm in some dark and forlorn location never to be resurrected unless at some future date someone needs to “add a comment”? As we used to say: a “write only” file?

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this is true. i overlooked 2008 :smiley: I think these kind of enhancements are very easy and there must be hundreds of them alike so in total they would make a difference refining the program as such