Simplify the Definicion of perforated panel

Hello, dear grasshopper users. I am a beginner in grasshopper and need your advice. I have created a definition for a simple perforated facade panel. Due to my bad knowledge of grasshopper, I don’t know how to simplify it. I need to simplify it because it opens very slowly and I can’t work properly on it. Please could you give me any ideas on how can I do it? Thank you.Panel (18.1 KB)

Hi @Shakruk,

Instead of running three instances of Rhino, run a single one, especially if you have performance issues!

You can probably simplify your definition like so, to make it run a little bit faster:

InCurve - which I’m not certain why you even need it -, and Boundary - which you excessively use three times -, seem to be the most expensive components in your definition.

Opening this file is an exercise in extreme patience! Is it worth waiting for? What is taking so long?

I can see it now, many holes in a flat surface with thickness…

WAY TOO SLOW to work with the model, even to understand it!

Probably you know,just in case,you can disable the solver before opening the file and turn off the heavy components (like Boolean etc).then enable the solver if needed

This might be a few minutes faster than what you had? Still long though: 12,420 circles!! (see Profiler times)

Panel (22.1 KB)

Thank you Grasshopper community. I have understood that there are too many options on how to create this kind of perforated panel. Thank you Joseph_Oster, Baris, and diff-arch. Good luck and God bless you!

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