Simple Growth - Issue with Anemone component


Hoping you can help me with this small issue,

I am currently learning simple growth curves using an example file

I have been trying to load the correct version of Anemone but it does not seem to align to the same anemone components as the tutorial video or I may not yet understand the connections.

Attached is:
my working file - rhino file and grasshopper file - Simple Growth (18.1 KB) Simple Growth.3dm (3.8 MB)
the tutorial files - grasshopper and rhino file - tut_2020_22.3dm (179.2 KB) (11.9 KB)

the tutorial: video at 25:13

Appreciate any help

Thank you!

Hi Thuy,

I am getting a warning on the anemone files that they are using an older version than the current one.
The components he uses are:
And your hotbar should look like the following:

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