Simple Comments drag the point

  1. Hi I make a design in grasshopper… there is some parameters in grasshopper data like “lenght”:

I just want to put 2 point on drawing with kangroo and than just change the value directly on 3d drawing…

so as a result:

How can make a line with 2 point and than change the lenght of that line directly on 3D drawing with Kangroo…

  1. Also how can I change the color of drawing directly from on 3d Drawing with kangroo?

Hi - these questions don’t appear to have anything to do with Kangaroo.
About question 1: could you post a *.gh file that shows how far you have gotten or at least explain in detail what you are trying to achieve? If you don’t have any GH definition so far, some sketches might help.
About question 2: you can use the Custom Preview to change the appearance of Grasshopper geometry in the Rhino viewport.

You see input parameters in gh file…

I want all input parameters change in shapediver directly…

I thought I can do that with kangroo?

Dimensions , colors etc

I dont want to use input parameters… I want to do everything directly on 3D drawing… “change dimensions” “change colour” on Shapediver.

Hi -


… I’m not totally sure, but I’m getting the impression that this is a ShapeDriver-specific question and am accordingly changing the category for this thread.

As for explaining a question in detail, please make an effort to reduce a problem to the fewest component that are needed for others to understand what you are asking.
I couldn’t zoom out any further - I’m afraid you shouldn’t expect others to make sense of something like this:


You mean simple example documant you need. right?

I send that cause of you said " if you have gh file send" and I send my gh documant directly


In shapediverforum I never get answers for my questions… Here always say . talk with experts etc…

I am asking questions here cause of you are experts…

That’s fine. Try to formulate a clear questions in 10 or less components and I’m sure one of the experts here will be able to answer you.

I want to change dimensions with moving red arrow to the front on shapediver…

how can I do that?

Any type of grips from the Rhino viewport (the red arrow you are mentioning below, or the point grips that you can define with Kangaroo and its “Grab” component) are not going to be compatible with ShapeDiver, simply because there can’t be any interactions with a Rhino document once the model is online.

We have plans to release new components in the ShapeDiver plugin to define different kinds of grip inputs in the online viewer. I will keep you updated about those. In the meantime, the best solution is to:

  1. Define sliders or ShapeDiver text inputs containing point locations in the Grasshopper definition
  2. Create point grips or other types of draggable geometry in the ShapeDiver viewer using the API.
  3. Connect those grips with the corresponding Grasshopper inputs, again using the API.

You can actually find a detailed tutorial explaining exactly this process in our documentation:

Remove “kangaroo” from this thread title as it is irrelevant and misleading.

In your documant gh and also in the shapediver web page I only see a human face and nothing can be drag etc?

You can drag and change anything about face on here?

On shapediver forum I never get a fullfill answer all the answers based on “go to javascript pro”

So I understand that if I dont know or cant find a jawascript pro , I cant use Shapediver.?

even for a simple questions you all the time lead me to API platform and also in APı platforms I thing is not enough… maybe you can make everything easier for all of grasshopper users…

Even I asked before Where I put javascript code embed on web page…

answer is = find a javascript pro…


so No API , No shapediver…

even I asked you drag a point directly on shapediver…

the example “human face” is doing nothing… just loking at the face…

Language is part of the problem here. Your thread title is still very poor, as are the quality of your questions. This would be a much more informative thread title: “Drag a point directly on Shapediver?

The answers you seek are on the tutorial page referred to above, you just don’t have the Javascript skills to understand it. I haven’t installed the plugin yet (though I may give this one a try) but was able to understand enough to define a couple of points on the head. If you copy/paste the following as input to the model on Shapediver, two red points appear (with a blue line between them?):

{“points”:[[3.409051, -9.99824, 14.209829], [0.029384, -17.500028, -5.039776]]}

Teaching Javascript to a novice is a very far cry from answering questions about Shapediver, “Simple” or otherwise.

I can’t blame you for expecting that every existing Rhino and Grasshopper feature will work out of the box on ShapeDiver. Not that it’s not unrealistic - it bloody well is - but it is in fact a beautiful vision, for a somewhat distant future. However, we are in the field of cloud technologies, and don’t yet dabble in sorcery, except for some unsatisfactory experiments.

That being said, I truly apologize for invoking the API so much when I answer your questions. We are doing our best to make ShapeDiver a designer-first tool. It’s the vision, after all: we want to give Grasshopper designers the ability to create complex web applications, without the help of a skilled developer. Therefore, we iterate along those lines:

  1. Identify a feature needed by our users
  2. Upgrade the online viewer and its API so that the feature can be tested and become available to developers
  3. Connect the viewer feature with additional Grasshopper components or rules so that designers can access it as well

In the present case, I agree it makes complete sense to have a “Point Grip” tool in the ShapeDiver plugin, which would create a draggable element in the online viewer acting as an input to the definition. As a matter of fact, this is a need we already identified and built in the online viewer (steps 1 and 2). We only miss step 3). I will make sure to let you know when it happens.

Please scroll down the tutorial page to the section called “Full code of the tutorial”, and click on the third tab in the embedded fiddle, called “Result”. There you can play with the example.

First thanks for your kindly anwer Mathieu,

Talking is so hard than examples…

Maybe you shapediver team make same examples documants about how to embed codes to web page etc…

I am half devoloper not pro … so it everythng will be more easier…

do u have some examples about how to embed java codes?

can u just give me an example how to embed a drawing to a HTML page with API setings. (for an example.)so that I can try to understand how to manage other comments for API uses.

Have you looked at the ShapeDriver documentation? Like API access, embedding a model on a web page, in an iFrame, appears to be a PRO feature only ($100/month - ouch!):

Asking questions that have been clearly explained in their support section will get you nowhere.

Joseph are you trollng my messages?

I of course read them… and there is an example at there?

cause if u can understnd what I wrote… I wanted just an example. if you give it pls talk or pls dont trole my messages. thanks

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Are you a PRO ShapeDriver user? The nature of your questions suggests otherwise, in which case you can’t do anything related to the API or embedding. Trying to be helpful but will say no more. Ciao.