Shape Diver API functionality


I have 2 questions regarding ShapeDiver API functionality:

Is it possible to develop „drag and drop“ interface with 3d models via ShapeDiver API similar to this one ( click on gewerbehalle and choose Zubehor-> Fenster, than drag and drop window in 3D ) Is this example done in shapediver- it is look like a shapediver.

Is it possible to have additional viewport in the background that show only small plan/section with camera position- similar to this example: -click on point in floor plan to start demo and see additional view ( floor plan in upper left corner.

If answer on this questions are yes, can you show some example how to do it (only part concerning ShapeDiver API )

Thanks in advanced,

ShapeDiver has a demo showing how to make a drag and drop interface through the API here:

You can drag the words Drawer, Shelf, Rail to the wardrobe.

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