Signs as individual instances to Revit as Light Fixtures Category

I’m not sure where to start. Directshape brings them all as a single instance but I need Revit to read each one as a Light Fixture, no shift in position in 3D space. Using Rhino 7, 3dm below.

Signs.3dm (1.3 MB)


You can use the below to send your geometry to Revit, in your case to assign categories to DirectShapes (DS), you will need to use the add DS geometry and each set of geometry you want to be considered as a single element in revit will need to be in a separate branch/list.

So first you will need to group them using any method you see fit (used point grouping below) and then send them to Revit picking the category of your choice (if you don’t chose will go to Generic model by default). Material is optional if you want else it uses category default material inside revit. Name is also optional if you want to assign element names. (289.3 KB)

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Sweet!!! Thanks man!