Show grasshopper warning/ error from cluster components in "normal" canvas

Hello there,

the attached file contains a simple python component that raises an error.
When clustering components, currently the error messages of the contained components are not displayed on the cluster.

Can clusters show errors/ warnings? If yes, can you add the errors/ warnings from the components within the cluster to the cluster error display? (7.6 KB)

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A simple and maybe even occasionally better workaround is to put all your code in a single try-except and once you get an exception you pipe the error to an “debug” output parameter instead, which then gets passed to another “debug” output of your cluster. The advantage of this is to output better error messages for the user, since you are free to format the error message.

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Hello Tom, thank you for your answer.
I am currently using your suggested method with the output parameter.
Regarding the advantage of the free error message format: This can be done with “normal” grasshopper errors too and this way the red error flag is shown.

        ghenv.Component.GH_RuntimeMessageLevel.Error, e_str