Show End-User License Agreement for Grasshopper components

Is there any best practices that the developer community has for showing EULA for components in Grasshopper and how to make sure user accepts the EULA terms before its first use?

@mlukasz87 has an answer here. I am still wondering if this is the only way to do it or if there is a similar mechanism like the one showed here.

The comment below was posted on other topic that references to the code shown in the second link.

@mlukasz87 @dale is this sample code also valid for Grasshopper components? Is there any way to periodically check if the EULA was accepted or not?

AFAIK grasshopper components do not have OnLoad event, so this approach is not directly possible. @dale could confrim, but I think they also do not store any settings.

Maybe with some dummy .rhp plugin this could work if some communication between .rhp and .gha would be possible, but I am just theorizing.

I am also courius could I provide .gha with my .rhp plugin and have some common logic in them.

I’ve moved this question to the proper category.