Show control points when selecting multiple dimension strings?

Is it possible to control this via options somewhere, akin to controlling whether a Curve’s end points will show when selected by default.

The default when selecting a single dimension is to show its control points.

It would be helpful for multiple dims when, for example, re-adjusting dimensions on a floorplan. Select all the dimension strings that need updating, then grab a control point and click Align Centers, then grab another dim’s point and right-click to re-activate the align tool, etc.

As it stands, each time I need to select more groupings of dims, I need to do PointsOn, and then can’t simply re-activate the Align tool.


Hi Alan - as far as I can see, only ‘pick’ selection turns on control points - not window or other selection types.

A macro can probably help

*Select Pause PointsOn Align Pause VertCenter Pause SelNone PointsOff

@Alan_Farkas - that is a star/asterisk preceding the macro, the Discourse formatting made it s bullet. The asterisk is a ‘repeat the following commands’ character.


Thanks, Pascal. I’ll give it a shot.