Should be simple: Surface will not trim properly and Divided Surface not equally spacing Pipes

Hello and thank you for taking take to help. I have two issues currently with my project.

1: I have untrimmed a circular surface to have a grid of points to manipulate which then becomes a rectangular surface. But after I manipulate that surface (making it wavy) I would like to re-trim the surface where it is a circle in plan. When I try to “Copy Trim” I get a rotated rounded rectangle as my new surface. Is there a way to resolve this? I figured I need to trim it before the next part:

2: This surface will be made by bamboo poles in the future. Pipes. When dividing the surface using Divide Doman ^2 and then Isotrim, then deconstructing the brep, then listing a certain index of edges and piping those edges (the horizontal lines) they are not evenly spaced. I have searched everywhere for a solution. I would like each of the poles to be touching one another, not overlapping in some places and then being too spaced out in others. Is there a way to solve this currently? I need to divide the surface so that the poles of a given radius can populate the moving surface.

Thank you so much for the incoming help. (10.2 KB)

Try to rebuild your target surface… (11.4 KB)

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Thank you so much. This helped a lot.