ShortestPath calculations, seems odd

Hi guys, I was testing out ShortestPath to determine a potential road and found that I got a shorter path by manually adjusting and projecting a curve, so I made some tests on other shapes and it seems that ShortestPath are doing some shortcuts in it’s calculations. Can you please take a look?

Here is a sample file:

Shortest path is 164 meter and the intersect curve is 140.

Short path bug.3dm (1.6 MB)

Also the ShortPath result for @Holo shape does not conform to the surface. CurveOnSurface (plug-in) result is 133 m but does not come close to conforming to the surface.
Short path bug DC01.3dm (1.7 MB)

And if you trim out a slice to try and force the shortest path around the periphery it proudly climbs the trimmed out peak (even after shrinktrimmedsrf)…


Hi Jorgen, I see that, thanks.