Shift points along curve at different lengths

The goal is to create an opening within this structure to look something like this.

I’m unsure how to move the point along the circle(curve) for each step but at each different lengths.
I think it has to be a ‘shift list’ or ‘sort list’ component but I’m unsure how to separate each vertices?

I assume starting with shifting one line along the curve than mirroring the command? (31.0 KB) (40.0 KB)

Thank you for your help!
The solution was far more advanced than I could’ve imagined.

I was wondering if you could help me further?
I need to cut an opening into the overall lofted surface using the intersecting points along the curve.

I’ve tried the component ‘Points trim curve’ from the Pufferfish plug-in as well as trying to trim with brep, however I think the missing piece/knowledge that I’m unfamiliar with is the purpose of ‘flatten’ or ‘graft’ or when to use those on an input?

Your help would be greatly appreciated! (35.1 KB)

The error from Points Trim Curve is due to the duplicate points on the last circle. You can ignore that. (35.2 KB)

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