Shell variable cross section

Hi everybody,

I would like to make a shell with variable cross sections. In this small test, similar to my problem, I tried to make a square shell with a “V-shape” section. In “V-shape” I mean a side of the square with thickness equals zero and the opposite side with the maximum value of height. So thickness increases along an axis and not the other two ones. But in the example my shell is wavy and not flat… I understand the list of heights are mapped on the list of faces according to the longest list priniciple, and then ?
Shell variable cross section (37.2 KB)
I don’t understand how I can resolve it. Does anybody have an idea ?

Thank you for your help and your time !


Hi @alex.macoen,

you need to make sure the order of heights is matching the order of the mesh faces. Here is one method you can use to assign the heights.

Shell variable cross section (44.8 KB)