Shell stresses as result of bending moments

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I am currently working with shells using orthotropic material. Is there a way to get the stresses as a result of the bending moments? If not, is it possible to get the curvature from the initial state and the deformed state, so I can calculate stresses myself?

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to get the stress in the top and bottom layers use
sigma_x = nx/t±6mx/t^2
sigma_y = ny/t±6my/t^2
sigma_xy = nxy/t±6mxy/t^2
see also e.g. RFLaminate Manual (Dlubal)(default.aspx ( page 36.
Stresses on arbitrary layers can be interpolated linearly.
– Clemens

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Thanks @karamba3d

I just created a custom node which can be used with the Karamba3D shell forces node.