Shell Result Analysis

Hi Clemens, thanks for the advice.
I supposed that point supports is not the best way for the stress singularities but I don’t think in this massive way.
The problem is that I cannot even choose a shear value and supposing it’s almost right, because there’s the same problem of higher value for high discretization mesh.
I will try with these short beam peaces and support some point along of them, but in this way I have to include these in the mesh and I cannot use the regular mesh, but the inclusion brep.

If, after this I have the same problem, what can I do to have a shear stress value in x and y? I can’t choose 3000 kN/m value because it’s not true as stress value for a model like this.
I just need an approximate value to impose verification on shell element.


Can anyone help me about my issue??

after long time of research about Karamba, really magic but actually it good at the supported input stage to optimize structure options, to complete project is so complicated, and still some risk, I hope Karamba is more completely in Future
love it.