Shell inplace tensile force

HI… i wanna put initial load on the shell, tensile load on the edge of the shell. i applied force on the point of edge (as seen in the pic )and i made small mesh within the mesh surface and applied force in x,y direction. but tensile force supposed to stiffen it and decrease the displacement, but in my model mesh tensiles loads actually increases the displacement.
i tried initial strain component, but only initial forces are know which is 10N/mm, hence i dont know eps0 and kappa0. help me pls
11.17normal (100.5 KB)

Hi Ayca5855, I don’t have now a GH with Karamba to check your definition.

Are you using Linear or Non-linear analysis? I think that considering non-linearity is mandatory for these kind of analyses. Did you try Non-linear analysis WIP component and the new Karamba3D 2.0.0_201020 WIP release? They have just add membrane elements.

I’m trying to model some membrane in a different thread, perhaps it would help you:

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