'Shell' command does not print

I am trying to create a small, rectangular container so I make a block and use the shell command to hollow it out. I pick the top surface to remove and set the wall thickness to 2mm. Everything works perfectly on the screen and the resulting container is what I am looking for. I export this to STL binary file and send it to my MakerBot Replicator 2X printer. The file shows up as a container on the printer dialog box also. When I print the container though, it is solid. Basically, I have a 1 mm wall on all 6 sides and a 10% fill of the complete interior.

I have redrawn this and re-exported it several times with the same results. It appears that the ‘shell’ command is working on screen but the results are not being exported with the STL file.

Can you post the Rhino plus the stl file in question as well as your export settings? Here your procedure works fine. --Mitch

Shell.zip (398 Bytes)