Share your CAD models directly from Rhino - PureWeb Cast is back with new features

Some of you may remember PureWeb Cast for Rhino when we released our first beta back in November 2017. We saw a lot of interest and great feedback and we would like to thank all of those early adopters for taking the time to try PureWeb Cast and sending us your thoughts.

Today, we are proud to announce our second beta release. Upgrading is as easy as downloading the latest plugin from Food4Rhino and double-clicking the RHI file to install the new version. After that, open Rhino and type cast into your command line to bring up the PureWeb Cast dialog and login with your credentials.

New features and improvements include:

Password protected spaces

Rhino users (hosts) are now able to protect their collaborative space with a password. In the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog, simply enter a passphrase of your choice and click Set. Participants in the browser who are currently in your space, as well as those who are just joining, are now presented with a dialog to enter a password before they are let into your space to view and interact with your 3D model. Passwords are persistent until the host clicks the Remove button in the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog.

Listing connected users and audio status

Rhino users (hosts) and collaborators in the browser (guests) now have access to a list of participants currently in the space. Hosts see connected guests in the PureWeb Cast for Rhino dialog. Guests can access the list of users by clicking on the rocket ship icon at the top left of a space. A microphone icon to the left of a user name indicates that this person has their microphone enabled.

Quality of the images streamed to the browser

The overall quality and responsiveness of the shared view have been improved significantly. This results in crisper images in the browser and better interactivity from collaborators.

We have created a short video highlighting the above described features, which you can see here.

Plugin requirements (Host/Rhino user)

Requirements (Collaborators)

  • Modern, WebRTC capable browser (e.g. latest Google Chrome and FireFox on Windows and Mac. Microsoft Edge will NOT work)
  • External or built-in microphone for audio

Click here to view our quick start guide.

Reply to this forum post or email us at with questions, comments and feedback.

Happy Casting!